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Chibi Aya Shameimaru Colored by sakuradesune

This is a pretty good piece. The biggest thing I am noticing in this illustration is the unvaring thinkness in the lines. I hope in future pieces you experiment with designing making thicker lines especially along the outlines of the character. Thinkness of the lines gives the character a less flat appearance on the paper. I also with say give it more defining lines to highlight and help define the hair, clothes, and feathers on the wings, even though you are going with a Chibi appearance, Also don't be afraid to be more bold with shading on the character, it helps give a bigger than on paper appearance. Finally, have more fun with the background, and see if you can place her in a scene she belongs in. There is nothing wrong with falling leaves, however what can be added to help define the personality of the character? Beyond that, that is everything I can advise on. Please keep up the good work.
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sakuradesune Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
thanks! this sure helps a lot~ xD since i just started to learn so a lot i still have no idea to make it looks better. you nailed it on the bold shading D: i just afraid to do a bold one... tried but it looks ugly.. i guess i use the wrong technique to do so. gonna find some video to learn later on >< thanks again!
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